Hi, I'm Peter Wetzel.

As the proud owner of Wetzel Walks 'Em, I am humbled over the last seven years to have created a client list that includes dozens of amazing breeds and innumerable families of dogs to visit each day.  The rewards of being a dog walker are the same rewards families enjoy each day when they return home to their four legged family members!

Having previously worked in the Hotel Industry for more than ten years, I had plenty of opportunity to use my talents of 'taming' and calming on humans.  I have found my unique skills translate perfectly to the dog care profession.  While working in hotels I was also a part-time dog walker and pet sitter.  Walking dogs in Boston I learned many things about myself and also about dogs in general.  I pride myself in being respectful of the power and natural instincts of dogs. 

Not all dogs are ready to lick your face from the get-go and a warming up period is not uncommon with rescue dogs, foster dogs and any breed of dog with a protective instinct for their family.  Coming into your family and home, I pledge to take the time and energy necessary to get to know your needs, as well as those of your pets.  I learned a lot as a fledgling walker and over the years I have been able to hone my skills.  I am not a veterinarian nor am I a dog trainer, but I've spent plenty of time with dogs and know a great deal about their behavior and how to handle most canine temperments and situations.

I believe in real walks and true exercise for your dogs.  I track all my walks with a time and distance app in order to ensure consistency and honesty; whether a half hour walk, potty break or an extended visit, I want to ensure all clients that they are getting what they paid for.

While group or 'pack' walks are my preferred method of activity and socialization, I have also become comfortable taking on dogs with more specific needs.  If your dog isn't ready for a pack, that's ok.  We will work on it together and do our best to assimilate any animals if and when ready.

Thank you so much for considering Wetzel Walks 'Em.  Please contact me by email and I'll look forward to working with you.

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